A Biography About Johann Sebastian Bach for Children



The first edition is printed. Of course it's in German. But that might not be a hurdle for you but an additional fun. You can buy it abroad probably via Amazon and definitely at the shop of the publishing house "Bach 4 You", which is the Renate Bach Publishing House.


Please read on this webiste, how exciting it is, this biography about Bach for children.


And of course you get a "Look inside the book" on these pages. Just have a lot of fun!



It was in June 2015 when the biography about Bach for children was ready and printed. It is a miniature edition and it's of course in German. This mini edition was delivered to our publishing house and now there is one bedroom less, but we have a storage, so to speak.


Meanwhile, you can buy that German version at Amazon, in German book stores and directly in the publishing house's shop, which is "Bach 4 You". Of course we are very pleased if you buy this little biography directly. Why we like that even more, is what you probably definitely know. The link to get there. Here is this link.


The parameters for this little Bach biography for children: 172 pages as a hardcover with many cute illustrations and a few real great photos of the Bach cities and Bach locations, in which the composer once lived and worked. It's a high end offset print, sewn binding. With a little picking belt. Shrink-wrapped.

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